What’s Good in Makueni? A County That’s an Adventurer’s Dream!

What’s Good in Makueni? A County That’s an Adventurer’s Dream!

Makueni county is a county filled with hills and mountain backdrops as you drive around in your ISUZU mu-X you will find yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature, in fact, there are 177 named mountains within the county. From Nthangu and Kivandini Hills around Wote area to Nzaui Hills in Kalamba and to the most prominent mountain of the county, Chyulu Hills. This is a county in between Tsavo and Amboseli National Park, it is suitable for those who love adventure and exploring nature but that is not all the county has to offer, we have taken the time to list a variety of places you should visit:

Kisula Caves & Chyulu Hills National Park

Location: Kibwezi, Makueni

Chyulu Hills National Park is often dubbed as the “Green Hills of Africa” it provides scenic landscape views of the county and is a suitable place to visit for nature lovers. When driving through the National Park you will get to see a range of mammals such as elephants, buffalos, giraffes as well as reptiles and insects. However, the main attraction of the park is the opportunity to explore through the caves which are collective and locally known as Kisula. In the park one can explore the no.3 longest cave in the world, known as Upper Leviathan cave which is a maximum length of 11.15 km.



Umani Springs

Location: Kibwezi Forest

These springs are filled with fresh water of which you can drink from. They are situated in the middle of the Kibwezi forest and around them is a small body of water, with which you can at times see crocodiles and turtles. As you walk round to the spring you can also be met with snakes namely, rock pythons, monkeys and elephants, so it is important to always have a guide with you.




The First Ever Africa Inland Mission (AIM) Church in Africa, The precursor of the AIC and resting ground of the Fore Founder, Peter Cameron Scott

Location: Kalamba, Makueni

Entrance fee: Citizen| Adult: KES 100 Child (below 16): KES 50

Res of East Africa| Adult: KES 400 Child (below 16): KES 200

Non-Residents | Adult: KES 500 Child (below 16): 250

The Africa Inland Mission (AIM), the precursor of the AIC, was first established at Kalamba by Peter Cameron Scott, a Scottish-American evangelist in 1895. Today, his remains lie metres away from a church built in 1932. The church that was built on a rock, is still intact, and when in Kalamba you can visit both the church and the grounds where fore founder Peter Cameron was buried. The grave is part of a cultural centre built by Makueni County to keep AIC’s history alive.

Akamba Cultural Centre & Musuem

Location: Emali, Makueni

Entrance fee: Citizen| Adult: KES 500 | Students: KES 200 | Child (below 16): KES 50

Res of East Africa| Adult: KES 1,500 | Students: KES 600 | Child (below 16): KES 400

Non-Residents | Adult: KES 2,000 | Students: KES 1,500 | Child (below 16): 1,200

This is a place to learn about the Kamba tribe and traditions. When visiting the grounds, you can get to see the traditional housing of which you can also book to stay and camp there. It has various relaxing spots by nice gazebos and tree shades. The centre also brews the traditional Kamba alcoholic drink, locally known as, kaluvu, which is made of fermented sugarcane. They make it with a traditional grinder of which if you wish to learn how to do so, you can participate in the making of the brew. It is a place where they have reserved the history and culture of the place, and the staff educate and inform guests while they are shown around. For corporates looking for a different venue to meet, part of their garden grounds can be used for team building retreat sessions.

Mbui Nzau Handicraft Centre

Location: Makindu, Makueni

This Handicraft centre is based in Makindu area. When visiting the centre, you can see the local artisans’ workshops where they create the pieces you may be privy of purchasing. These include wooden masks, wooden cutlery, jewellery, a range of carvings and artefacts. This is definitely a great place to purchase something to take home with you as memory of your visit to Makueni.


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